Monday, 20 February 2012

Tromso and the Northern Lights

Continuing Steve Newman's 'live' blog on the classic Norwegian coastal cruise with Hurtigruten

The Lights came out last night at Lofoten and they were INCREDIBLE. Flashes of yellow and red in a green bamboo curtain that kept twisting as we watched.  Brilliant last night as well as we found ourselves berthed alongside the southbound Hurtigruten.

Everyone piled off the ships to explore the other one for half an hour before we had to sail again. A Norwegian man visiting the dentist two stops down said they had superb views of the Lights last night so, perhaps, we will as well again tonight.

We're off to the city-port of Tromso today and, hopefully, we'll get views of the Northern Lights like this over the city. I love Tromso and am so looking forward to dining in one of its excellent fish restaurants. 

As we're at sea most of today, in between brief calls at the small ports that make up the 'taxi' route north, I may even take a dip in the pool or the outside jacuzzi!

Sadly I'm getting off at Tromso to fly home (you can get here from five UK airports now) so here's hoping for some spectacular Lights tonight! 

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