Friday, 20 April 2012

Cape Verde Part 5

World of Cruising's arch-blogger Steve Newman continues his latest trip, an adventurous cruise into the Atlantic with Noble Caledonia...

About 60 Atlantic spotted dolphins came to play on the bow wave this morning. The sea was boiling with them as they swam towards us.

Plenty of Gull-billed terns, shearwaters, red-billed tropic birds and a brown booby also put in an appearance but we have still seen no whales yet.

We also passed two local fishermen in a tiny boat fishing with a single line to catch deep-water species on our way to the island of Brava. It was our first zodiac landing and it was fun (see above)!

The island has mist-shrouded peaks and plunging valleys with hairpin roads that hang on to the mountain-side by their fingernails. 
The capital Nova Sintra is high in the mountains and has a cool climate with hibiscus, bougainvillea, dahlias and bananas and a host of other tropical plants growing in the gardens.

For more information about Noble Caledonia’s Cape Verde cruise or other voyages, follow this link to The Cruise Line Ltd, the UK’s luxury and adventure-cruise specialists.