Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cape Verde Part Six

World of Cruising blogger-in-chief Steve Newman continues his latest trip, an adventurous cruise to the Cape Verde Islands with Noble Caledonia...
An interesting start to the day as the captain had to reverse the ship onto the small jetty here at Tarrrafal on the island of St Nicolau (above).
Then I walked around the port to the market, watching the locals bartering and buying fish on the pier as the boats came in, followed by a tiny cargo boat that must have been a Tardis inside judging by the amount of cargo that came off of it!
Shop owners from the surrounding villages came down to collect their orders in their battered 4 x 4 trucks.
The mountain scenery on the island is very impressive and we drove through some spectacular landscapes to get to the capital Ribiera Brave
This place is just like Ciutadella and old Palma with very narrow streets and Victorian style lanterns. 
Later on, we watched some traditional dances called Mazurka. I’m not a great one for this but the music and the dancing was really very good and had my feet tapping!
For more information about Noble Caledonia’s Cape Verde cruise or other voyages, follow this link to The Cruise Line Ltd, the UK’s luxury and adventure-cruise specialists.