Thursday, 16 May 2013

With Fred Olsen to Norway Day 2

Continuing Steve Newman's Norway travels with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines from Liverpool...

A day at sea today saw lots of activities going on. The birders congregated at the stern and we managed to see gannets, fulmars, puffins and little auks. We’re all looking forward to the white-tailed eagles in Norway! Traditional deck games were going on throughout the day whilst some people practised their golf swing in the nets. It was so warm some people were in the Jacuzzis outside beside the pool and the deck chairs came out on the aft deck.
Internet access is very good, with a special room with eight computers and printer. There are also various Wi-Fi hot spots around the ship if you need to download attachments, etc. One of these is the ship’s library with a large selection of textbooks, paperbacks, jigsaws and board games.

Once again the food was superb and we tried breakfast in a different restaurant. A great buffet saw us sitting and chatting to new friends until it closed at 10am. We followed this by a walk around the promenade deck (five circuits is a mile - something our expanding waistlines suggested!).

For bookings, follow this link to The Cruise Line, the UK’s cruise-agent specialists.