Thursday, 23 May 2013

Silversea's Gourmet Cruise To Italy

Luxury cruise line Silversea has announced a tempting Italian “Gourmet Cruise” programme to Italy this October, with a 9-day Venice-to-Rome showcasing a collection of high-quality culinary offerings, including world renowned Italian experts and courses revealing the secrets of their cuisine. 

The voyage on Silver Spirit (above) sails from La Serenissima on October 24 and the highlights include: 
Chef Emanuele Scarello
Emanuele is a double Michelin star chef and world traveller and recognises his mother as his most significant influence in his cooking. Relying heavily on fresh ingredients from both land and sea, he reinterprets regional dishes with style and sensitivity in his Agli Amici restaurant in Udine, which his family have owned since 1887. As a chef he is part of both the "Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe" association, of which he was the Italian president from 2009-12, and of “Le Soste”, the prestigious association which unites Italy’s best chefs. Emanuele will prepare a two-course gala dinner on board and lead two cookery courses.
L’Università del Caffè
L’Università will offer courses and samplings aimed at discovering the scents and aromas of coffee on board. Guests will acquire a certain degree of experience that is necessary to become a real coffee connoisseur. Established in 2000, The University was set up by Illy to promote the culture of coffee worldwide, engaging producers, professionals and appreciators alike.  

Grappa Nonino
Grappa Nonino will reveal the secrets of the Art of Handmade distillation and the correct manner in which to appreciate the Nonino Monovitigno Grappa. The Nonino family has been dedicated to the art of Grappa distillation since 1897. After revolutionising the production process by creating the single vine variety, obtained by separately distilling the Picolit vinasse, Monovitigno Nonino was created. The company has since continued its research, innovation, and quality and, in 2000, they created Gioiello, the Acquavite obtained by the handmade distillation of pure honey. 
Prosciuttificio DOK Dall'Ava
Carlo Dall'Ava will lead a guided tour to the “prosciutto learning center DOK” and, along with his staff, will explain the correct complements necessary to fully emphasise the taste of Italian prosciutto. Starting in San Daniele del Friuli in 1955, Natalino Dall’Ava began producing hams and prosciutto and, in 1981, took over the oldest prosciuttifico producing facility on the hill of San Daniele. Since 2007, the company, headed by Natalino’s son, Carlo, has a new headquarters and continues to educate the consumer to the correct use of prosciutto by utilising simple combinations of ingredients which emphasise the taste.
Cividin Viaggi
Il Piacere, Wine Food and Art in Italy, the new taste portal designed by Cividin Viaggi, is an innovative project for Italy dedicated to the foreign market, with particular attention to luxury wine and food products. On the website, various travel itineraries will be suggested, each dedicated to a different area and to the discovery of the region from a cultural and gastronomic point of view. The first region to be covered, which is already operational, is Friuli Venezia Giulia. Among other things, a series of travel packages will be presented that will include a pre and post Gourmet cruise itinerary, covering various places of interest in Italy with a gastronomic and enological focus. 
The full voyage calls at Koper, Split, Dubrovnik, Valletta, Messina, Sorrento and Civitavecchia (for Rome).

For bookings, be sure to follow this link to The Cruise Line, the UK's luxury cruise experts.