Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Costa's First World Cruise In 17 Years A Deliziosa Success

Rounding off a successful 2011 for Costa Cruises, the Costa Deliziosa (above) has embarked on the first Around-The-World Costa cruise in 17 years.
With the 2011-2012 tour fully booked months in advance, the European cruise giant is now preparing to offer the itinerary again in 2013.
The 100-day historic cruise that departed Italy on December 28 will tally up 37 calls and 250 excursions to some of the world’s most fascinating locations across five continents, following the routes of the great navigators of the past.
The journey is split into three segments, named in tribute to great explorers – Christopher Columbus: Savona to France, Spain, Madera, Antilles, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Mexico and California; James Cook: California to Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore; and Marco Polo: Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the Arab Emirates, Oman and the Red Sea.
Those interested in the progress of the Costa Deliziosa can connect live with two webcams installed on board the ship by visiting Costa’s website, www.costacruise.com.
Five theme-oriented celebrations will be held on the seas during the journey with a total of 2,300 passengers onboard to join in the festivities and special shows.
Costa also has two other epic cruises on offer for 2012 for travellers looking to explore the world from a unique viewpoint. The Great Cruise to Four Continents on Costa Victoria will set sail on March 7, and the Great Cruise to the Other Side of the World departs on September 19.
The 2013 Around-The-World tour will depart Savona, Italy, on January 6 and return on 16 April, once again aboard the Costa Deliziosa.