Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Going Cruising? Try A Kayak!

Kayaking in the far-flung corners of the world is an experience guaranteed to refresh any adventurer’s soul. From the icy waters of Antarctica and the European Arctic, to the remote, forgotten shores of Russia and the tropical fjords of Papua New Guinea, Aurora Expeditions’ kayaking journeys bring you up close to a maze of wildlife and nature.

Exploring the fascinating, wildlife-rich waters of our world’s most untouched continent – Antarctica - is an experience hard to beat, gliding silently past ice floes topped with sleeping seals and pondering penguins. Seabirds soar above, while curious leopard seals and agile Adele penguins play around kayaks that paddle the pristine bays and hidden channels, with cracking ice falling from glaciers to create small waves.

Paddling the sub-antarctic islands of South Georgia is also a rare privilege and a wildlife lover’s dream, kayaking among thousands of breeding king penguins and lively fur seals. Here, you can journey deep into glacial bays as black-browed and wandering albatross, prions, terns and petrels soar overhead, while elephant seals loll on beaches watched over by multitudes of macaroni and rock hopper penguins.

The icy waters of Greenland and Spitsbergen are a maze of massive sculpted icebergs, ice-choked fjords and sheltered bays. Paddling the pack ice, you can keep watch for polar bears, walrus, whales and narwhals. 

From gazing at sea-life through crystal-clear waters, to paddling among uninhabited tropical islands, sea kayaking around Papua New Guinea is another unparalleled experience, discovering hidden waterways and the quiet of this tropical paradise. Here you can come face-to-face and kayak with locals who live daily on the water with paddle in hand.

All Aurora Expeditions kayaking expeditions are led by experienced guides, paddling in small groups of no more than 12 to gain intimate access to beautiful coastlines in some of the world's most remote destinations. Kayaking prices are not included in the voyage price but start from only $850 in Antarctica, AU$995 in the European Arctic, $995 in Russia and AU$995 in Papua New Guinea.

Prices include use of kayaks and paddles, dry suites and guide. Intermediate experience is required. Advice on gaining kayaking experience can be provided for you to practice your techniques prior to your voyage.

For more info and booking details, be sure to check out this link with the UK's adventure cruise specialists, The Cruise Line Ltd.